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Let's Do It Again AND Many Voices

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This Product is the Book, Let's Do It Again, AND the CD, Many Voices.

Let's Do It Again

This new edition is an update of the repertoire of Education Through Music songs.  It contains song experience game sequences, described, illustrated and diagrammed in consistent and simple form; rounds illustrated and diagrammed and songs that 'go together'; story-songs and ballads, folk dances and form books. All the songs are from English and American folk literature, approved by music and classroom teachers from many different teaching situations in Canada and the United States, pre-school through 8th grade.

Many Voices

All the songs found in “Let’s Do it Again!” wonderfully recorded to serve as a resource for the recommended tempo, key and style of each song.  Conducted by Randy McChesney.  Audio samples can be heard throughout the site by clicking various animations on the upper right corner of the pages.

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