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About the Institute

Mission Statement:
In all its programs and activities, the Richards Institute of Education and Research fosters the development and well-being of children through song, play and the study of artful teaching.

Founded in 1969, The Richards Institute of Education and Research is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit organization.  The Institute sponsors two main initiatives:  Education Through Music and ChildFuture.  Throughout the course of the traditional school year, the Institute offers graduate level courses in ETM in various cities throughout the U.S.  Additionally, Master Teachers for the Institute consult one-on-one with teachers in their classrooms to further their study and mastery of the "Art of Teaching."  During the summer months, the Institute offers several weeklong day camps  in different locales as well as an International Summer Colloquium.  These offerings typically attract a wide range of individuals involved in childhood development. 

Similarly, ChildFuture seeks to impact a broad spectrum of people involved in both direct service to children as well as administrators, policy makers, funding sources, etc.  To that end ChildFuture sponsors seminars and conferences in a variety of venues with the goal of bringing the most current understandings in child development, especially in the area of the neurosciences, to bear on current practice.

Additionally, ETM courses and workshops are offered in Canada and Japan as well.  These offerings are sponsored by the Canadian Richards Institute and ETM Japan

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