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Current Courses

Winter Courses: These classes are primary means of learning the philosophy, techniques, and Song Experience Games of ETM. Held at local sites throughout the U.S., the courses are designed to meet through the course of the traditional school year. 
Colloquium: This summer event is a weeklong intensive study of ETM. It is designed for, but not limited to, those who have already taken at least one course in ETM. Unlike other offerings, the Colloquium is an international event.
Camps: These local summer events are designed for both adult and child participants. While each location has its own "flavor," the camps typically offer a mix of song & play, storytelling, creative art, and choral experiences.
Workshops: Typically used as an "Introduction to ETM," workshops can be tailored for specific audiences based on area of interest - e.g. music or language literacy, speech & language development, early childhood development.
Conferences & Seminars: These regional events are often in conjunction with Winter Courses and bring participants together for a more in-depth study of specific topics of interest.    
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