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 Brain Research


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Articles - Music

The Arts Make Us Smarter - Michael Green:
 - Michael Green

Music Instruction Aids Verbal Memory

Music Training Linked to Enhanced Verbal Skills


Articles - Brain Research


Brain Comes Alive to Sound of Music:
View - Brain Alive

Left Versus Right Brain Modes:

Spatial-temporal versus language-analytic
reasoning: the role of music training.

Music of the Hemispheres
A New York Times article by Clive Thompson


Articles - Developmental


 Most Praised Generation Craves Kudos at the Office
A Career Journal article by Jeffrey Zaslow

Preschool Attention Deficit Disorder
Harvard Mental Health Letter

Dependent Personality Disorder

Selective Mutism: An Integrated Treatment Approach
An ASHA Leader article by Robert L. Schum

Experts Concerned about Children's Creative Thinking
A Post-Gazette article by Karen MacPherson

Sites - Music

The Musical Brain:

MUSICA - The Music and Science Information Computer Archive
a newsletter of analysis and commentary on the broad field of research on music and behavior, including evolution, brain mechanisms, child development, perception, learning, memory, performance, health and related topics. The author of all material is Dr. Norman M. Weinberger.

The NAMM Foundation is committed to disseminating music research and to providing its stakeholders with easy access to various online research referral services and archives.

The Institute for Music and Brain Science

Sites - Brain Research/Learning

Dr. Bruce D. Perry : Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally-recognized authority on children in crisis. Dr. Perry has been consulted on many high-profile incidents involving traumatized children, including the Columbine, Colorado school shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Branch Davidian siege.

The ChildTrauma Academy, a not-for-profit organization based in Houston, Texas is a unique collaborative of individuals and organizations working to improve the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research and education.

Online Courses:

Articles for Educators:

Article Listing:


Missouri Developmental Disability Resource Center (moDDRC)
Source for overviews of a wide range of developmental disabilities as well suggestions for therapy, resources, and support.

Dictionary of Developmental Disabilities Terminology
Allows users to search more than 3,500 disability- related terms.  Users can enter a word to search for its definition or enter a word or phrase that is part of a definition to search for related terms.


Sensory Integration "Fast Facts"

New Horizons for Learning
a leading-edge resource for educational change by identifying, communicating, and helping to implement successful educational strategies.

Brain Gym:
Home site of Edu-K & Brain Gym programs.

Brain Research Concepts:

The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization with interests in brain science, immunology, and arts education.

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