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"ETM is of enormous benefit in that it creates a state of mind open to learning."

- "Evolution's End", Joseph Chilten Pearce - Author, Clinician.

"ETM is the best teaching I do - and it challenges me to constantly improve - I see tremendous gains in focus, social development and emotional stability."

- Joann Yabrof - Elementary Teacher

"...leads to the enhancement of the emotional and social bonding that all humans need and benefit from. The ETM song experience activities allow all students opportunities to enhance their cognitive processing skills. Their auditory skills, the foundation of their literacy, are strengthened through these activities."

- Margie Black - Elementary Teacher

"This was a most remarkable lesson that integrated music and literacy into a unique cacophony of learning. Many effective instructional strategies and techniques were observed."

- Susan MacConaghy - Elementary Principal

Dr. Sigurd Zielke, a noted psychologist, observed teenagers engaged in ETM activities. Among them were boys who had been recently arrested for violent felonies. Dr. Zielke acknowledged acknowledged ETM's efficacy for therapeutic applications, noting that the emotional stabilization, reduction in stress and anxiety, and the open and responsive interaction attained over the ETM sessions "can take up to 6 months to achieve in a clinical setting."
"Through ETM, teachers experience play, and are brought to the cutting-edge of brain research and learning theory."

- Dr. Crystal Olson - Assistant Professor, CSU-Sacramento

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